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My Cute Diabetes Supply Carrying Cases


At home and feeling a bit sick today. Therefore, I decided to make a post about something that would cheer me up a bit. Today, I am going to share pictures of my cute diabetes supply cases.

When I was diagnosed, I got given my supplies in these boring cases that just scream “Look at me! I’m a medical bag!”. If I was going to have to carry these supplies around with me all the time, I needed to get something that had a bit more character and didn’t make it obvious to everyone that I was carrying around medical supplies. Below is a gallery of the stuff I ended up getting.

  1. Glucometer carrying cases

As you can see, I have quite a few these. I love them! I have two for my Bayer meter and one for my Freestyle Lite meter. These hold my meters, testing solution, test strips, lancing device, lancets and used test strips and lancets. It looks like a wallet or carrying case instead of a typical medical bag, which is nice. The best thing about it is that I don’t have to take the meter out to test as it has a strap with a clear cover that holds it. I got these on Etsy from a lady that is a grandmother to two young type 1 diabetics and makes these to raise funds for JDRF-Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. She can customize the inside depending on the meter and lancing device you have as long as you give her the measurements of your lancing device and specify the model of your meter. Her shop is called KitsForTheCure and you can find it on Go get yourself some! It’s for a good cause. 🙂

Front of the glucose meter cases from the KitsForTheCure shop on
Inside of the glucose meter cases from the KitsFortheCure shop on

2. Insulin Pen Carrying Case

This is just a makeup bag that I use to carry my insulin pens. I like it because when I am carrying it to the bathroom to inject my insulin, it’s not obvious to everyone else that this is what I am carrying. I keep a couple of things in this case: my insulin pens, my needles, alcohol pads, used needles and alcohol pads, and my spare meter, lancing device, and test strips. I carry my used needles and alcohol pads in the little plastic zip bag that is lying next to the case in the picture. Previously, I just used to throw my used needles in there with everything else and often just ended up stabbing myself whenever I reached in the next time to grab my pens or new needles. Never a fun experience. I got that little plastic zip case for the used sharps and alcohol pads at Office Max.

My insulin pen carrying case and sharps carrying case. I got the makeup bag carrying case for the insulin pens from TJMaxx and the sharps plastic zip bag from Office Max.

3. Glucometer and insulin pen dual carrying case

Some days I just want a larger carrying case where I can fit both my meter and my insulin pens. This the case that I use on those days. This case was a Christmas present from my husband last year. I can fit all my meter supplies in the front portion and my insulin pens and needles in the insulated back compartment. It also has a removable bag for sharps. He got this case for me from the myabetic website.

Inside of one of the diabetes supply carrying cases from
Compartment for the insulin pens of one of the diabetes supply cases from

4. Dexcom Receiver Carrying Case

I cannot say enough good things about this case for my Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor Receiver! The Dexcom receiver must be within 20 feet of the sensor I have on my body at all times, so I just used to carry the receiver in my pocket. This led to me dropping it a lot of times. I dropped it when I took it out of my pocket to look at it, when going to the bathroom, and even had a few moments where I had been sitting and it fell out of my pocket without me noticing (luckily, it was always at home and not somewhere else where I would have lost it). This case makes sure that the receiver doesn’t slip out of my pocket and it also has a nice clip that I can hook onto my belt loop so that I know it is secure and I won’t lose it. This makes it easier to pull out of my pocket for a quick glance as well. It also clips on easily onto pants that don’t have pockets. In addition, I like the clear cover on the front to protect it from the elements in case I need to pull it out when it’s raining. I got this one from the website.

Dexcom receiver carrying case from

5. Compact fanny pack

This one is not quite diabetes related, but I do use it to carry diabetes supplies. I like to go on long walks outdoors by myself. Of course, this means I have to carry supplies with me in case I go low. Therefore, I bought this fanny pack on I like that it’s thin and compact. It doesn’t stick out like other fanny packs I have seen. When I wear it, it just looks like part of my workout outfit. When I didn’t have an individual clip-on carrying case for my Dexcom receiver, I used to stick the receiver in here as well. This has worked out perfectly for my long meditative nature walks. I sometimes stick my meter in here as well on days where I feel the Dexcom hasn’t been super reliable.

My fanny pack for snacks when doing physical activity outdoors. Got this one on

That’s it for my haul of diabetes supply carrying cases! If you’re tired of the generic diabetes supply cases, go shop around and find something you like. It’ll make you feel much better to carry something that reflects your personality a bit more. Hopefully this post gave you some ideas of where to look. Happy shopping! 🙂



Hi all! This blog is a space to share my journey and day-to-day experiences with managing diabetes. Please note, I am not a doctor or nutritionist, just a patient that lives with the condition.

2 thoughts on “My Cute Diabetes Supply Carrying Cases

  1. That’s awesome. I have been trying to figure out where I can get a Dexcom
    Receiver Case. Now I know. I may have to get some of these other cases as well, Thanks!


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