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My First Week on Insulin

Sometime this week I completed my first week on insulin treatment. I was quite scared of starting on it as my body has always been pretty sensitive to medications. It needed to be done though as my blood glucose had been running quite high since I returned from my vacation.

Figuring out how much to eat and what to eat has been rough. After my first dose of mealtime insulin I went from somewhere around the 140s to 88 two hours after the meal. Wow, that’s powerful stuff! Then, after a few days when my blood glucose had started to normalize a bit more I started to go low a lot (not horrifically low though, thankfully). Therefore, I have had to seriously review my diet and add more food to make sure I don’t overshoot and end up super low all the time. I have had to add stronger carbs to my meals to make sure I don’t tank as veggies don’t seem to be enough for the insulin. A few observations I have made so far after starting on the insulin:

  1. My acid reflux, which always seemed to start making an appearance again whenever my blood glucose was running higher, is gone. When I wasn’t on insulin this was usually my indicator of high blood glucose, even when I wasn’t checking. It was always very odd to me.
  2. Spiky carbs don’t make me feel good. They really don’t. I end up feeling either extremely tired after eating them, with anxiety, or sometimes even depressed. Higher GI carbs are just not for me. So far, the stronger carbs I have been sticking to are legumes as they have a bit more protein in them and a lower GI. The conversion of these to glucose is much slower, which keeps my mood more stable. Plus they keep me satisfied and full until my next meal.

I still haven’t found a diet that works 100% with my insulin. I end up either a bit higher than I would like or a bit low. And of course, if I’m low after dinner I have to eat a fast acting carb to get back up and then when I check before bedtime I’m super high. I don’t want that to become the norm. Being able to adjust my mealtime insulin by half a dose would be great, but since I’m on insulin pens and my dose is already pretty small, those small adjustments can’t really be made.

In addition to trying to figure out my insulin, I have been trying to work on relaxing and taking my mind off diabetes. Therefore, on Friday night my husband and I went out for the evening to listen to some live music. We always enjoy discovering bands in our region and like to show our support by attending their shows. It had been a while since we had gone to a live show and although we were tired from the busy week, we’re really glad we went. We had a blast, as usual! Getting up the next morning was difficult though as we got home pretty late.

Here’s some pictures from the show. It was nice to get a chance to distract myself for a couple of hours on a Friday night and just have fun. We really need to go back to doing this more often. 🙂


Images from the Friday night live music show we went to. Why yes, that is a flaming sword in his hand. This band in the last two pictures is one of our favorites.


Hi all! This blog is a space to share my journey and day-to-day experiences with managing diabetes. Please note, I am not a doctor or nutritionist, just a patient that lives with the condition.

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