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My First Endocrinologist Visit

This week I had my first appointment with an endocrinologist. A few weeks ago I had gotten some genetic testing done to see if my diabetes could be more of a type 1 diabetes case than type 2. My antibody test was positive, indicating predisposition to type 1 diabetes and other related thyrogastric disorders, which is my PCP referred me to the endocrinologist. This visit was to get an overall assessment of my situation and discuss future implications, etc.

My visit went quite well. The endocrinologist didn’t seem concerned about me for now as my blood glucose numbers are good, my A1C of 6.2% is great, and cholesterol levels are also good. We talked abut my genetic test results. He said it’s some sort of measure of risk for type 1 diabetes and tends to be a good indicator of how soon people will need to start insulin treatment. Although by antibody count was quite high, we don’t know for sure when I’ll need to start insulin though. I could still be doing very well without medication/insulin for a while. It’s just a “risk that’s there”.  He changed my label from type 2 diabetes to type 1 diabetes, but it’s just a label so he can follow up on me and doesn’t really mean anything (I guess only time will tell if I am type 1 or some sub-type of it?). Since I’m doing well right now, he didn’t put me on any medications and would like to see me again in June. However, he did order a fasting test to determine how much insulin I am currently producing on my own. I will hopefully get that done at some point this week.

One thing I did ask about was my odd fatigue when exercising. I tend to feel good for a while and then after about a week later of doing regular exercise I tend to crash and feel extremely exhausted and have to stop for a few days. He said that maybe I should try doing shorter duration sessions and not do it all in one sitting. I can split it up throughout the day: do 10 minutes in the morning, 20 in the evening,  etc. Even though it’s not all done in one sitting, it still counts as exercise. I think I’ll have to try this approach and see what happens. Maybe I do too much in one session and shoot down low without knowing it, stressing out my adrenals? I’ve never been low when I’ve tested after exercise though as I make sure I have eaten at least an hour and a half earlier. We’ll see if I feel better when splitting up my exercise throughout the day.

That’s all  I have for now. Don’t have a picture to share today so here’s a picture of a fluffy kitty! 🙂

My cat enjoying the sweet pleasures of lounging all day long.


Hi all! This blog is a space to share my journey and day-to-day experiences with managing diabetes. Please note, I am not a doctor or nutritionist, just a patient that lives with the condition.

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